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Consulting and Engineering


The Essence of more than 35 Years in the Mineral Processing Industry

MinMud – Consulting and Trading is the essence of experience in plant engineering as well as in the project and implementation management of ambitious projects in areas such as

  • Mining
  • Mineral processing
  • Environmental technology and
  • Mud management in civil engineering projects like microtunneling, tunnelling, slurry walling and caisson sinking.

Many projects have been realised since 1983 – with full responsibility and success.

Listening, consulting and supplying scientific and project-based data compiled in pre-project investigations has always been the most important step stone of our unique project management approach.

We have built up extensive knowledge in the field and, therefore, we are part of network of highly qualified partners specialised in many different disciplines. This ensures that both challenges and projects are approached and solved in a multi-dimensional way to the benefit of the customer.

Our suggestions for process and equipment selection are determined by the optimum from a process and product point of view, not by supplier related interests.

Contact us whenever you need first class support.

Auditing of Plants and Support as well as Commissioning

‘Do-it-as-you-always-did-it’ is one of the reasons for suboptimal operation of mineral processing plants. We assist you in implementing innovation bottom up based on innovation and the latest state of the art technology. We analyse your plant based on an audit and develop and discuss intelligent and tailor designed alternatives to ensure that your plant will be competitive in a tough business environment on a long term base.

Process Audit and Performance and Result Optimization

The independent analysis of complex process situations is often the base for far reaching decisions. On a solid data base it is possible to simulate scenarios regarding plant performance and production options, plant flexibility with changing raw material compositions and more stringent and demanding product specifications. We assist both in collecting and compiling the data for process evaluation and developing strategies and alternatives to improve the current situation.

Process Development

You are facing problems related to changes in your deposit or your mineral processing facility – we would like to assist you in finding solutions and to develop a data base for the future. Mineral Processing is our core know how compiled during many years in this industry. We will assist you finding the most intelligent approach or will show you why a techno-commercial approach might be not feasible. Based on tests with our own equipment combined with peripheral machines from our reliable partner network we can develop the flow sheet needed for the given raw material. Based on our data you can decide what is best for you and your company.

Feasibility Studies

Investing into brown field plants, green field plants or starting to develop a new deposit involves always a great deal of parameters. We elaborate in close contact with your team and experts of other disciplines the data base for a most realistic scenario required for your final decision.

Interface Management

Most of the companies both in the mineral processing sector and in the plant engineering and construction sector reduced their staff to a minimum to be more flexible and competitive. However, in peak times this often results in severe problems which could have been avoided by an in time involvement of external experts and skilled and qualified interface manager. We can support your team as experts in your business and are experienced as mediators in demanding situations.

Project Management

Complex investment projects require a thorough and detailed planning from the very beginning and a close and reliable follow up of the time line and all costs during project execution. Clear and transparent structures as well as detailed ongoing project documentation save cost and avoid future disputes due to lack of data and delayed remedy actions. We are prepared to support you in your projects with our long standing experience in process technology and manufacturing, in erection supervision and commissioning.

Claim Management

In case trouble shooting is required we assist as an external and neutral interdisciplinary team of experts to achieve the best for you in a challenging situation. Our many years of experience in process technology and in the execution of projects in mining are an indispensable asset.

Your Contact to MinMud

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You can reach us by telephone any time between 8 am and 6 pm

+49 (0) 6105   271  841

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist  you to find solutions for your application!



You can reach us by telephone any time between 8 am and 6 pm

+49 6105   271  841

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist  you to find solutions for your application!


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