MinSpin® Sorting Spirals and MinCone® Hydrocyclones


Sharp Cut, Maintenance friendly and good Value for Price

Separation and Classification are Key Process Stages in every Mineral Processing Plant

Equipment is needed to achieve a separation based on separation criteria.

We specialized on MinSpin Sorting Spirals for gravimetric separation of sands and ores to high quality products.

Based on our many years of experience we can pre select the best MinSpin Spiral Type in an early project stage and by performing test work with representative samples in a more mature project stage define the best performing MinSpin Spiral.

For classification at low cut sizes we use MinCone Hydrocyclones. These are available in diameters from 50 – 900 mm in different modifications and materials.


MinSpin Sorting Spirals

We have the Type of Sorting Spiral you need for your Raw Material!


MinCone Hydrocyclones

Highly wear resistant, light weight and cutting sharp!

MinSpin® – Sorting Spirals – unique for Gravity Separation of Sand, Coal and Ores

MinSpin Sorting Spirals are simple but efficient sorting units to separate particles according to their density into a light, medium and heavy product. This allows to separate either light particles eg. gangue minerals from heavy minerals eg. metal containing minerals or contaminating coal from sand. There are hundreds of successful operations in mining and environmental applications using MinSpin spirals to upgrade raw materials by eliminating undesired, contaminated or detrimental particles and producing concentrates fullfilling the specifcations at a maximum recovery rate.

Gravimetric separation on spirals makes use of effects caused by the difference in specific gravity, grain size and drag, buoyancy and centrifugal forces induced by the flow of the slurry on the particles on its spiraling path from feed box to the splitter box at the end of the spiral trough. Light particles move on their way from the top to the splitterbox to the outside whereas heavy particles move inward. In the transition zone the actual separation occurs due to more turbulent conditions allowing the lights and heavies to move into the right direction.

MinSpin Spirals are equipped with intermediate splitter so that heavy particles are discharged as early as possible from the flow to avoid redilution. At the end lights, middlings and heavies are separated by setting splitters to deflect that products resp. tailings to the next process stage.

The feed slurry to the spiral has to be adjusted preferably to a solids conetration around 35 % by weight to operate the spiral in the ‘sweet spot’ where the grade and recovery is best. Typically, hydrocyclones are used for this purpose.

MinSpin Spirals are available in a wide range of modifications to deliver the best operation for many kinds of feed materials. Type of spiral profile, diameter of the spiral, pitch  and number of turns allow to maximize the grade and recovery  depending on the feed characteristics.

MinSpin Spirals are clustered in racks with single start, Duplex- or Triplex units to minimize the required space at a given capacity.

Advantage of MinSpin Sorting Spirals are:

  • low investment cost
  • easy installation and integration into new and brown field plants
  • low operational cost
  • low labour requirements
  • no moving parts
  • low repair and maintenance cost
  • highest efficiency in a wide range of operational conditions
  • easy visual splitter adjustment
  • no scale up problems
  • environmentally friendly

MinCone® Hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are the standard equipment for classification in the range of 5 – 200 µm for desliming and thickening of slurries in the mining industry, in separation plants for microtunneling and tunneling as well as in the environmental technology.  Based on our many years of experience in dimensioning and selecting hydrocyclones we can deliver the best MinCone Hydrocyclone at a reasonable price.

MinCone Hydrocyclones are characterized by their high sharpness and high capacities. MinCone Hydrocyclones are available in high performance polyurethane in small diameter range and in steel/ GRF/ polyurethane composite design.

The top features of MinCone Hydrocyclones are:

Sharpness of Separation

Due the spiral shaped inlet design MinCone Hydrocyclones offer

  • high slurry throughputs
  • reduced turbulence
  • reduced wear and tear and
  • high sharpness of separation

Light Weight Design

MinCone Hydrocyclones are available in different materials depending on the size. The uniques composite design for the bigger diameter hydrocyclones results in a much total lower weight facilitating the handling and mounting of the hydrocyclones. At the same time GRP has the great advantage compared with steel that it is corrosion resistant.

Ease of Assembly and Disassembly

Due to the light wight design and connection of all parts with flanges either galvanized or in stainless steel MinCone Hydrocyclones can easly be inspected and wear parts van be exchanged. Apex nozzles are either flanged, screw type or snap-on design.

Best Fit of all MinCone Parts

MinCone Hydrocyclone parts are all spigoted which assures that these are in correct alignment. The resulting smooth flow is one of the prerequsites for both top classification performance and minimized wear.

Glassfiber Reinforced Housing

The cones and cylinder of  bigger diameter MinCone Hydrocyclone are all made  with GRF housing to take the pressure and high performance polyurethane lining in the inside. This reduces the total weight of the MinCone Hydrocyclones considerably and facilitates assembly, erection and maintenance.

Vortex Finder

Vortex Finder are available both in different materials and different sizes to allow an optimized modification from both the capacity and cut size view and life time of the wear parts.

MinCone Cones

For the different MinCone Hydrocyclone sizes there is a range of underflow cones available. Due to the modular design of the MinCone Hydrocyclone series cone dimensions even match the diameter of different MinCone Hydrocyclone diameter. The cone angles cover the range from 4 – 90 °.

Apex Nozzles

Apex nozzles are available in different diameter and different materials. Contact us for advise and availability.

VacuFlap Discharge Valves

Vacuflap discharge valves allow a hydrocyclone operation with a constant underflow solids concentration even under varying feed conditions. Vacuflap discharge valves are available both in natural rubber and polyurethane.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist  you to find solutions for your application!


You can reach us by telephone any time between 8 am and 6 pm

+49 (0) 6105   271  841

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist  you to find solutions for your application!